As of today, demons and dark fairy's both have a new drop. What they drop, I will not say. I will however say that the Dark Fairy drop has a rate of 1/650, and the demon drop has a rate of 1/600.

Drop Recalibration

Several months ago, the admin team discussed a plan for recalibrating drops after the next client update. While this event will still happen, I have redone mob drops, making almost all drops more likely. HOWEVER,

Quest Changes

In the past, players had a bad habit of maxing HP on their characters before completing quests that rewarded experience. These times are now behind us.

Antwerp Reopening

Due to Valentines Town being opened, and so many things requiring trips to Antwerp, I've unblocked Antwerp.

Valentines Release

However late it may be, Valentines town has once again been released.

Under Construction

All Players please be aware that beginning tomorrow, 3/5/2012, until further notice, the crossroads will be under construction.