Under Construction

All Players please be aware that beginning tomorrow, 3/5/2012, until further notice, the crossroads will be under construction.

Antwerp Containment!!!

Here recently Antwerp's citizens were attacked by a plague that the Escher Hospital is calling the Frankenstein Disease because of the diabolical state that it places its victims in.The last news they

Changes in Ryze

As you all should know, Ryze is the recent replacement for the failure that was Secret City. The following are changed made to Ryze to make up for the losses in Secret City.

Christmas Isle Open!!!!

Christmas Isle is now open for business.

There is no immediate changes from last years Christmas, but look for events to pick up and possibly some new events to happen Wink.

Merry Christmas to all


After waiting forever to release it, Ryze is finally here. You can reach Ryze by heading to the entrance of Secret City and boarding my horrible excuse of a train.

What's Happening?

Over the last few weeks, some of you may have noticed a lack of admin presence yet a large amount of posts pertaining to projects that are currently ongoing.