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Greetings dedicated fans of Terra. A long time it has been of promises and attempts of rejuvenating the Terra we know and love, however, Terra is suffering from a grievous wound akin to multiple gunshots, and it's lifeblood, the players, are leaving faster than they are accumulating. Admin's can only put band aids on these wounds and only Tom can do anything substantial.

As you can imagine, band aids will not stop the bleeding of a gunshot wound. They might slow it, but death is inevitable. In order to save the game, it needs to be completely rewritten from the ground up with a completely new source, in a better language. Let's face it, Tom neither has the time, nor the interest and possibly the resources to do this.

I don't want to see this community die and it doesn't have to. Even if it is no longer called Terra, though I would urge Tom to endorse this project completely, it can still have the taste and feel of the game we have grown to love, with much needed updates and features that will allow the community to grow.

Furthermore, I have already created the basic technology for this task, however, it is only my interpretation of Terra. I need creative assistance with new ideas and criticism on the current ones I have developed. What should stay from the original Terra design and what should go.

Last but not least, I am a programmer, not a graphic designer. I have no graphics for the game and no artists on board. This has been my greatest hurdle for nearly 5 years.

Tom, if you are reading this, I ask that you not only endorse this project, but encourage it. I offer you a partnership in any and all profit as the new project is cross platform and smart device capable. I know you may not like me because of my past actions, but, please understand that when you fired me from admin in 07 for being late on christmas quest you crushed my then-current way of life. It was a huge blow to me and my every day workings. I was pissed off and less mature and it lead me to do things that I shouldn't have, and for that I am deeply sorry if I affected you or Terra negatively.

If anyone is interested in getting involved in this community driven project in anyway please post in this thread or pm with contact information. We can accomplish together, with a new client, what is just not possible on the modified FSO platform.

Tom, despite what I might have said in the past, you have done a pretty good job in turning FSO into something I never thought it could be. You are a legacy in the world of Unfungames and for the experience these last 10 years, I thank you.

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Thanks for your post. Can you

Thanks for your post. Can you email me with more info about the status of your project and the technologies you have chosen to support your project?

Since I am currently in a bit of a pickle regarding updates to the current client, I've been looking for someone who can create a new client to replace our current FSO client together with me.

Maybe we could align those projects and share parts of client code to create a new client for both our games.

Once the cumbersome FSO client is deprecated, updates to Terraworld will become a lot easier and because of that, more frequent.

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Looking forward to it

Looking forward to it

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dun dun dun holy **** 7 odd

dun dun dun holy **** 7 odd years later i found my password and account on a old book while having a clear out dam the memorys were just amazing will never forget.

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Id love to help out Im great

Id love to help out Im great at coming up with idea's for example terra could easily become a minstream popular mmorpg even with its 2 graphics wich usualy push's jackass's away. Now simply put a game can be broken into 3 aspects

1. Graphics/Art style
2. Story/Plot
3. Content

A game can greatly lack in any of these and still be highly successful it just needs to compensate in other areas for example 2011 Indie game of the year was a lil game know as TERRARIA now i think you all might notice the similar art style? hmn yes? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7uOhFTrrq0
Now terraria has just as onward of graphics as terra but what it does is compensates in individual customization with vast armor sets weapons with different mechanics and accessories with random effects altering game play along with a great world building mechanic allowing the individual to build whatever they want. Now im not saying terra should let players build w/e they want wherever they want becouse this causes its own problems known as griefing as shown in the massivly popular game Minecraft another low graphics game it draws players with its sandbox world and ability to build like lego's XD

What I am saying is by vastly increasing what a player can do you draw in mor players and so far Terra has done a great job with such examples as fishing, farming, mining, repair and other aspects i cant think of atm for example I think a great improvement to gameplay would be to make rediances more reasonable along with make noob island more player friendly for either the experianced player who doesnt wanna spend 3 real days grinding XD or the new guy who doesnt even know tab uses your wpn/tool D=

Id like to interupt myself and point out what made me fall in love with Terra so many many many many many many years ago wow this game is old im 21 I played it in middle school well My fave parts are simple things like a certain lil spell that turns you into a bush now that doesnt seem like a big deal but how many games out their offer that kind of ability? let alone think of its uses you could camp! sneak attack other players, u could make a newbie freak out "OMFG Y IS THE BUSH CHASING MEH!???" lol ive done that XD or just have fun as a bush having bush parties, another aspect i like is being able to have furniture on you, I love having the ability to set up a campfire wherever I want to, it makes fishing so much easier and you can use it to protect yourself while you are afk.

Hmn something that hit me, when it comes to housing you could edit how its set up, rather then having massive chunks of land dedicated to houses you could
Say oh i know how about this
In order to have a property you must buy a One time use tool Lets say Builders Kit, well around the world their would be random passages for example a ladder going into a tree or a cave entrance or a hole in the ground or a sewer grate and what would happen is you would use your builders kit to set up your poperty in that location, and that entrence would be set up as a literal portal stacking homes only allowing the person who lives their and ppl with pass's to enter. not only would this remove massive segments of land dedicated to houses most of wich in use by several year old dead acounts to be null no one would see the random eyesore or have to walk 4ever to find an empty plot, and it would allow a more relaxing feel to your home since it could be near your favorite town or dungeon.

Well its gettin kinda late, I can pump out idea's all day and Id love to help out in any way possible I have no life Im a jobless, Homeless man whose GF has school and a full time factory job so I live on my laptop so if you want me to do anything just throw it at me and ill try my best I could use something to delve my time into and Im a huge fan of in depth 2d games and Ive always wanted to work on one. as for sprites I could ask my gf she is studying graphic design and is saving to go to collage for it so Ima ask her for some help also Ima pirate I knwo with ACTA in the worlks and the FBI on crack down nowadays thats risky to say but hey I love me sum Terra so if you guys need anything just say so (Exe's,MP3's,PDF's,AVI's,ISO's,SCO's and the list goes on)

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Enfy wrote: Looking forward

Enfy wrote:
Looking forward to it

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Also to be honest i wouldn't

Also to be honest i wouldn't use the sword skills system this game uses not that flexible whereas your always going to have one perfect weapon to use and you cant differ from that. Games a bit stagnant in which items you. Maybe a armor type system would be better in which you have generic armor and then elemental armor
each providing little to no defense to the other, so divine armor would be a generic armor providing 15 defense against normal mobs such as dwarves but snow serpents and fire demons would cut through it like nothing, could add a bit more diversity to the game needed different items to accomplish things to a greater point more-so then just for getting your skills to 100.

Here's a few other ideas I've been playing with some are specifically aimed at terraworld's current model others are generic

Mining is only leveled to get +1 strength to allow you to wear stronger armour. The fact NPCs sell crystals and ore makes it a useless skill beyond that, If we were to take those items off the NPCs or have it so players need to sell crystals to it for it to stock them i think I’d be a much broader skill and useful in the game.

Fishing is a little bit more useful then mining as it provides a source of income for young players, If we were to reduce the amount of healers and increase the decay rate of hp the benefits of fishing would increase as well when you need to take food with you to move from town to town or to grind monsters. Of course we’d need to take out the fullness factor or reduce the rate in which you get full.

Carpentry And Lumber jacking
The fact you can buy anything you can create with carpentry makes it a redundant skill only used for points and stats, If we did the same thing as with mining and take away the items from an NPC or the way players need to sell the items for it to have stock of it. Lumber jacking would be used a lot more getting logs to make wind cabinets and to get to the stage were you can build wind cabinets

General Sword Skills
So when you max sword skills which everyone does they all go for one sword which i think is a bit of a waste in my eyes, No one sword should have all the sword skills contribute to its damage in my opinion it should cap out at 3 either slash or thrust with swordsmanship on all and one of fencing or Heavy arms, You could possibly group slash with heavy arms and thrust with fencing as an idea. If you even bring in the concept of only going down one path of slash or thrust and heavy arms or fencing the game would have so many different weapons be used, for example the buster sword or firedragon sword if you took the thrust and heavy arms road, if you took the slash and fencing road the nordic sword.

Redesign potions so instead of giving mana and health back they increase physical damage, increase mana regeneration, increase spell damage and increase defense. It could create a fun twist to the game and you could say have a smaller colored circle beneath you whenever you have a potion active on you.

This skill is perfect as is nothing should change about it, What should change is what items can be enhanced there is a very limited window at the moment with many of the high end items not being able to be plussed. If you work out an item weighting system you can assign the amount of plus allowed so a high end item could be plussed say twice whereas a low end can’t be plussed at all.

The almighty elements, at the present these are only used for their corresponding spells splash, wind wave, fireball/bolt, crush and meteor. It could be made so you only can specialize in one and you need to find the specific orb to specialize in that skill. Otherwise you could have it enhance the ratings of armor so if you have fire leveled your fire set takes proportionally less damage depending on your level.

General Redevelopments

General Notes
If you do not want the NPCs to circulate player items you could turn to the player shops idea, A lot of these ideas don’t require scripting with the exception of a few were some require minimal and some require a lot.

Currency System
Terraworlds economy is so disgusting at the moment it’s purely who you know and how much money you have leaving the young players out in the cold. Items rarely circulate through more than 5 players. The idea is to take away gold, create a new currency called Terra’s (name subject to ideas) and you trade in your current gold at a set lower rate for Terra’s, simplifying a lot of things and reducing prices on a lot more to stabilize the economy and make it sustainable which cant really happen with the current item system.

Donation System
There are far too many items that can only be acquired through donations, there is no grinding or farming to acquire these legendary pieces of armor which i think is a real disappointment, if we take out all the items bar a few such as Wings, Crowns and tuxedos (those being almost purely decorative pieces) and introducing the rest into the game through long quest chains and an end price that requires effort to afford it would balance the items of the game. There might be a drop in donations but at the point in time donations aren’t really doing it.

Admin Team
I think this needs to be addressed, they can cry about the lack of players making them not want to map but there are a few that are just there purely for looks at this stage, they might have been here for a long time and contributed to the game in a lot of ways but if they can’t spend the time or try to improve the game they should look at stepping down and letting other admins make the bigger decisions. They could even take on a mentor position where they give advice to the current team and share their thoughts and ideas.

Item System
I can’t count how many items are unused in this game, Yet the main thing people ask for is more items. They all need to be looked at and find their purpose in the game, space out what items you get at what strength level or dexterity level, Rearrange monster drops and the towns in which you acquire the items to give all of them a purpose, Make it so the long sword isn’t the only sword you need to use via the sword skills redevelopment katana could be an equal adversary, Plate armor could receive a Nerf to give titanium armor a use as well as putting the damage up on monsters so you need to acquire new armor to successfully take them on.

Events System
Events are run when players want them, but i think it’d be more active if they were run at set intervals say capture the flag is run every 3 hours with a bigger prize pool then just the kitty, and a death match could run every 1 and a half hours in between capture the flag. Trivia could be run on a particular night to get more involvement. The major holidays Christmas, Easter, Halloween would have their own unique quests each year similar to what they do now but reduce the items so you need to stick around for two Christmas's’ to get a full Santa suit.

Event only items:
The only items you can obtain and the only way you can obtain them is through events

Player Acquisition

We’ve tried a great many ways to get more players to this game and some have proven useful others not so much, I think an easy way around it would be to submit the game to Steam, there are a lot of games on there with similar play styles that have thrived on Steam they charge per the game so players would pay a set amount probably not anymore than $7 dollars and that's all they pay unless they choose to buy donation items such as wings, crowns and tuxedos. You would receive a cut in the revenue as would steam but with the user base steam has the potential for an increase in players far exceeds any doubts. As long as it gets on steam which is subject to approval by their team, afterwards you go into discussion with them on the price of the game and more of the finer details such as revenue splits. Although steam takes a cut in the price for the game it does not take a cut for any purchases in game such as donations.


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Enfy wrote: I agree on

Enfy wrote:

I agree on every last detail

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Enfy wrote: Looking forward

Enfy wrote:
Looking forward to it

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Here is the Fourth build of

Here is the Fourth build of the New TerraWorld Client that I have been working on. This is a web Client that doesn't require a download. There are also Android and iOS clients available, just contact me if you'd like to test it. Finally there is also a Native PC and Mac client. The technology for this project is AS3 and the AIR SDK. All but the web client, which is only used for testing at this time, is compiled with AIR. The server technology was originally based on Red Dwarf but has now switched over to one I have developed to more closely cater to the aspects of the client, which is also written in AS3 with AIR.

Here is a link to a playable preview of the Client.


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