Player Shops - TRIAL

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Hello players and residents of Terra

After many years of discussion we are now finally able to bring to you "PLAYER SHOPS"

These shops will allow players to sell their items whether they are online or offline.

The shops can be located on the second floor of Reet mall

A Q+A about how the shops work can be found here:

This topic will be used for requests, the main post will also be kept update to list who and what is currently being sold.

To request a shop rent for one week please use the following format example:

Character Name: Ceebs
Items + Price:
Angel Wings - 400000
Apple - 50000
NPC Look: Default

This will allow for an easy setup.

Please read through the Q+A for additional details about how the shops work etc.

There will be a small renting fee as well as other costs as of now the amounts are:

Weeks rent: 25000 gold
Tax: 5% of gold earned
Additional items/removal of item: 5000 gold per item
Cancellation of rent: No refund on initial rent fee.
Buyers shop: 15000 gold
Custom NPC look: 2000 gold

You will notice that there is also a Buyers shop option. This will be for players that are looking to buy certain items.
Again please fully read the Q+A to help you understand the process.
Any questions should be directed there, the only posts on this topic should be player shop requests.

The shops will run Sunday to Sunday

Current Shops

Character Name: BossB
Items + Price:
Demon Helm:100000
Angel Wings:100000
Nordic Helm:50000
Nordic Armor:50000
NPC Look: 1007 Santa
Fees: 25000 (paid)
2000 (paid)

Character Name: KomaKazi
Items + Price:
Fire Armor:90000
Fire Helm:450000
Fire Sword:250000
Fire Wings:350000
Hermes Wings:350000
Sword of Hope +1:100000
Devil Wings:350000
Firedragon Sword:350000
Halo shield:450000
NPC Look: 33 Frog King
Fees: 25000 (paid)
2000 (paid)

Character Name:
Items + Price:
NPC Look: Default

Character Name:
Items + Price:
NPC Look: Default


For the first week trial we will be opening four seller shops to the first people that make a request.
Please have the items and fee's available once you have made the request.

The first four shops will open this Sunday after the requests are made and any additional questions have been answered.

Please post feedback, suggestions and ideas here. This is important as it will allow us to make any changes to help this system work and be effective

Any questions please refer to the Q+A topic and post if your question if unanswered.


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Character Name: BossBDemon

Sell NPC
Character Name: BossB
Demon Helm 100000
Angel Wings 100000
Nordic Helm 50000
Nordic Armor 50000
NPC Look: Santa

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Character Name: KomakaziFire

Sell NPC
Character Name: Komakazi
Fire Helm 450000
Fire Wings 350000
Fire Sword 250000
Fire Armor 90000
Devil Wings 350000
Sword of Hope +1 100000
(on Aker)Fire Dragon Sword 350000
Hermes Wings 350000
Hero Helm x2 25000
(on Aker) Halo Shield 45000
NPC Look: Frog King

Character Name Komakazi
Poison Helm 150000
Poison Wings 400000
Poison Armor 300000
Poison Boots 75000

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Feedback: As of right now

Feedback: As of right now having read all topics on this subject including Q&A it sounds like an extremely well planned/organized idea and i cannot wait to see it put into action

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The first two player shops

The first two player shops are now online.

We need more people to put some items up for sale for the test period.

Many thanks

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You may not want to allow

You may not want to allow people to request items to be sold to npcs yet.

Take Johns post for example; he wants to buy poison set, but what happens if someone just sells several pairs of boots instead of the whole set? suddenly hes out how ever much gold it was stocked with, and hes got a bunch of useless boots.

I don't think anyone wants that. D: