Gold/Silver Cup Conversion List

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Bronze Cup Items

Devil Wings
Silver Crown
Gold Crown
Wimdowz's Right Fist
Ceramic Armor
Fire Wings
Golden Wings
Ice Wings
Poison Wings
Murder Shield
Purple Wings
Firedragon Armor
Firedragon Shield
Spiked Helm
Fire Sword
Ice Sword
Gladiator Shield
Demon Claws
FireDragon Wings
FireDragon Shield
Firedragon Armor
Angel Wings
White Top Hat
White Tuxedo
Pink Tuxedo

Silver Cup Items

Divine armor
Champions Shield
FireDragon Sword
Ring of Experience
Sword of Hope
Sword of Hope +1
Firedragon Wings
Fire Butterfly Wings
Pink Butterfly Wings
Ice Butterfly Wings
Poison Butterfly Wings
Halo Shield
Cupid Wings
Tainted Armor
Tainted Helm
Buster Sword
Fire Shield

Cup Conversion:

1 Silver Cup + 1 Bronze Cup = 1 Gold Cup
3 Bronze Cups = 1 Gold Cup

To convert items into cups, give items on the list to the Wishing Well in Escher next door to Escher Farm. To convert cups into a gold cup, place cups, along with a chunk of star into a trading chest and enter the command +morph items. To use a gold cup, enter the command +use golden cup. Using Golden Cups removes one permanent Hp penalty per cup. To see how many permanent hp penalties you have, use the command +check permhp.