Easter 2014

Hello players of Terra Laughing out loud

Its that time of year when the religious follow their teachings and the bunnies give out chocolate in crazy commercialized quantities.

As many of you know the past two

TerraWorld Social Media drive

Hello players, fans and parts of the furniture,

TerraWorld is once again branching out into the social media circle to help grow the player base and get some old and new players back to the game.

Call to action

Some people have been talking about the need for updates on TerraWorld. I agree this is a problem and I would like to look for a solution in this post.

Server migration

The migration to a new server host has been successful and we are now back up and running.

Player Shops - TRIAL

After many years of discussion we are now finally able to bring to you "PLAYER SHOPS". These shops will allow players to sell their items whether they are online or offline.

TWO Easter Egg Hunt 2014

Welcome players old and new.